The Ljubljana Forum – 2013


imageWhat Happen in Ljubljana?

I had the honor to be invited to be one of the speakers at the Ljubljana forum 2013, and I would like to share some of outcomes from that event.

Nearly 140 participants from 19 different countries had the opportunity to exchange their knowledge, experience and project ideas on water and transport management and to establish new ways of cooperation among themselves as also with potential investors.

56 speakers from European Union, European investment bank, governments, municipalities, private businesses, NGOs, institutes, consultant companies, universities, presented their views, experiences, projects and future visions of urban development in the field of water and transport management in Europe.

The Chairman of Ljubljana Forum, Mr. Blaž Golob stressed the importance of building such cooperation among various stakeholders in order to create future development models for the cities to enable them to pursue the goals of Europe 2020.

Ljubljana Forum 2013 offered valuable examples of addressing cities’ challenges in the areas of water and transport management. Mayors and city representatives of the Danube region presented key issues in the field of urban water and transport management, highlighted major urban projects and present future visions and strategies of water and transport management in their cities. Participants also learnt about financial instruments and opportunities and about available industry solutions for future development of cities. IBM as a partner of Ljubljana Forum 2013 presented conclusions of their recent study: Management of traffic in Ljubljana Urban Region. There was also Sava Commission session on Friday, where 24 projects in the Danube Region were presented.

For the first time, there was Ljubljana Forum Award granted to the most innovative and effective practice of sustainable urban development. This year Ljubljana Forum Award was granted to ADA Bridge in Belgrade.

Ljubljana Forum 2013:  Explored How to Build Intelligent Cities of the Future
Sustainable – Smart –  Inclusive


Lorenzo Madrid’s key note:
From the Abacus to the Cloud, The re-making of a city

The Main Session

Q: What is the Ljubljana Forum?

A: Ljubljana Forum is an annual gathering that combines knowledge and experience of city governance and defines key areas, visions and strategies of the future development of cities.

Q: What is the objective of this Forum?

A: The objective of Ljubljana Forum is to offer a framework for cooperation, networking and learning among various stakeholders, namely political decision-makers, city administration, investors and banks, businesses, civil society, researchers, academics and students, who create future of cities through researching, developing and implementing the best practices of urban development

“The success for city transformation is Make it simple and Make it happen”


This video capture the best moments from the Ljubjlana Forum 2013 clip_image007

Link to the video


The Future Cities Institute

What we do?

We help build great cities by working with government, industry and academia to deliver knowledge and programs into local economies to create skilled jobs, local entrepreneurs and innovation for industries

Lorenzo Madrid

Future Cities Institute
Vice President
City Infrastructure

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