ABRANET Conference 2014


Internet Conference in Brazil

Last month, I had the honor to be invited to be one of the key note speakers at the ABRANET Internet conference in Brazil, clip_image002[6]amidst the discussion about the approval of the “Marco Civil” the Brazilian framework regulations for internet services in the country. I would like to share some of outcomes from that event.

Nearly 400 participants plus some 2.000 web-casters from all over the country had the opportunity to hear several experts and learn from industry leaders about the new trends and technologies available to power the future evolution of the INTERNET, as well as discuss the impact of the “Marco Civil” for the companies that provide internet services in Brazil. 

During the two days event, there were over 20 presentation in the main tent, while training sessions, technical meetings and business meetings were offered to the interested participants.  During the breaks, lunches and cocktails, the event offered endless opportunities for professional networking.

clip_image002Prof. Demi Getschko, from the NIC.br, gave a very interesting presentation about Internet Governance in Brazil, while Edwin Santos Cordeiro, stressed in his presentation, the problems of IPV4 end of life and the challenges of moving into IPV6.

The discussions about the regulatory Internet Framework in Brazil was constant in all debates and ABRANET dedicated a full edition of its Magazine to the issue

Talking about Smart Cities… What is Next?

Cities of the Future – Sustainable – Smart – Inclusive

Just After my presentation on the ABRANET Conference, “The Information Company” released a video they produced for the Brazilian television, where I speak about the City of the Future.

Although the interview was conducted in Portuguese, the link below points to a version were English subtitles are available

“IPv6 and fast broad band will power the City of the Future.”





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